NY Pink - Re-Visited

I was going through my deep archives here to look for a picture or two to possibly post to Facebook. In doing so I revisited one of my all time coolest shoots - called NY Pink. shot on a roof top in NYC! None of these images should be posted on Facebook! So I won't only Read more

St. Patty's Day 2014

I got the inspiration to shoot at the last minute,  so I will  be adding more pictures here during the week. Some of my sexiest stuff! They are too be found in the PREMIUM PHOTO SECTION - for those who pay $2.00 a month to support my web site! Also, all new premium members get my 2014 Bikini Calendar as a thank Read more

Too Hot for You Tube

In the past 3 years I produced and posted 40 videos on my You Tube channel. I became a "partner".  Which means I would be paid for views. As time went on, most of my most popular and sexy blogs were either demonetized where I made nothing, or were age restricted - again no money - or even worse, removed from the site. Also there were lots of ticky tack music clearance issues where we were right - but while those were being settled, the video was demonetized! So some partner! Then I discovered the perfect solution - VIMEO ON Read more

Bikini 2014!

My September 2013 shoot in Mexico provided me with all the images form my 2014 Bikini Calendar - now available FREE for New Premium Members! There were so many great images that did not make the calendar! I am starting to upload them now to here - the only place where they will all be! Read more

Valentines 2014!

Here are my newest photos - a gift to you with love from me! My Premium Members can see them Read more

My First Larry Jordan Photoshoot!

Larry caught my eye last year, and we began talking - then we shot! I had a great time and really enjoyed working with Larry! Both his shooting style, and his editing!  More to come. See all the images Read more

My Peyton Manning Body Painting Tribute!

As a Denver resident, I have fallen in love with Peyton Manning! The combination of his being a great quarterback, and such a smart classy person is amazing! What could I, Natasha Kizmet do to honor him? Why not donate my body to Body Painting Artist extraordinaire Andy Anderson (www.facebook.com/ColoradoSkinWorks) and let him work his magic. The realistic detail is mind boggling – and it is all paint on skin! Our editor gave us 2 different vibes – we liked them both, so here they are! Here is Gerli's link. www.facebook.com/niilodesign CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE PEYTON MANNING Read more

My 2014 Bikini Calendar Now Free for New Premium Members!

Start out the new year the right way,  become a new Premium Member, and receive my 2014 Bikini Calendar FREE  My 2014 Bikini Calendar features 13 smokin' pictures of me in, what else, bikini's! Every new PREMIUM MEMBRSHIP will receive the calendar, Plus it will be personally autographed to you, and given my red lipstick Read more

Holiday Pajama Party!

When it being chilly outside, extra layers are important - as long as there is room to breath. Here I am ready for my pajama party! Did you bring the popcorn? See all 7 PJs pictures here or click on the Read more
peyton bodypaint

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