I was born in 1980 in Tashkent Uzbekistan – Soviet era! I was never a good Soviet – I was always daydreaming about clothes and boys, and becoming a model and actress. My first modeling was in the early 2000 in Tashkent.  Since Uzbekistan is a very conservative country, my instincts really took over once I got to the USA.  Today I continue to add an exclamation point to the saying “sexy is as sexy does” and win the hearts of millions through my beauty, fitness oriented busty personality, accent, and irreverent point of view.

My movie, Stripper: Natasha Kizmet, continues to be a  digital hit for its NY distributor, Screen Media Ventures, and on its free Popcornflix.com web service. A moneymaker!  Meryl Streep is my hero so I was thrilled when I received the Nevada Film Festival Silver Screen acting award for the film. American dream realized!


My web site www.natashakizmet.com has over 2 million page views and is home to all my published photo sets.   My Facebook profile has over 430,000 followers, and my Instagram profile is over 226,000 followers and growing! 

  I continue to produce new scintillating Photo Galleries shot by top photographers. My Playboy credits include 6 Smoking Jacket Blog Features, and appearances in Playboy Newsstand Editions.  I just did my second IBMS event in June 2016 in Las Vegas! I worked with some really good photographers there. t was awesome!

So I am thrilled with my adopted home and how in the USA, dreams do come true!

Love to all!








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